Just what does culture mean? Is it just another buzzword?

Whole systems values based culture change

Culture in its simplest sense is the personality of the business. It’s the living and breathing system that provides the ‘feel good’ or ‘feel bad’ factor. This does not happen by chance and is the product of a well co-ordinated and integrated Whole Systems approach.

Six Components of Whole Systems Culture Change

In other words, ‘it’s the way we do things around here’ permeates through every part of, and every person in,  the business, consciously and unconsciously. Each one of us is personally responsible for our own behaviour and the effect that has on those around us so we could say that ‘Culture starts with me and is the effect I have on the people and place around me’.

We work together creating a positive enabling environment that helps us all understand how that behaviour affects others and impacts, both positively and negatively, on the culture.

Regardless of the day-to-day pressures, and we know that there are many currently omnipresent in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, the way in which people cope or react can, and does, affect the workplace and the moods of everyone. It’s not ‘what we say’ but ‘the way that we say it’ that really affects the culture. Once we begin to recognise the part that we all play in creating our culture at work the more readily we can decide how we want it to be.

Together the people will create the ‘feel good’ not just for themselves and their colleagues but for all stakeholders. Together each person takes responsibility for their own behaviour and actions that affect other people and the place around them.

The choice is theirs; the choice is yours and TOGETHER WE CAN change cultures.

SneddonClark use an internationally recognised organisational psychometric tool, Barrett Analytics™ which measures the previously immeasurable, namely ‘behaviour’.

People are at their very best when they can bring themselves to work; be who they are and align what’s important to them with what’s important to the organisation.

At SneddonClark we can help you recognise, identify and then work towards that. It’s a powerful message with powerful results. We have helped people achieve culture change in organisations of all sizes spread across the public, private and community sectors.

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