We believe everyone has the capacity and capability to be the best they can be for themselves and their organisation.
We are ‘confidently curious’!


Our attention and focus is on supporting our clients with our shared expertise in Coaching, Culture Change and Consulting. Combine all three and you've a recipe for sustainable change and success. We do make a difference. We are different. Find out more about our ‘confidently curious’ approach to you and meeting your needs


Providing1:1 executive, group and team coaching and delivering prestigious coaching qualifications up to ILM Level 7.


Improve your organisation’s performance in achieving your business objectives, transforming strategy, re-design and culture change into reality and success.


We believe that every individual, in every team and within every organisation has far more influence than they think and even greater capability and capacity to make a significant impact on the culture.

Difference and differentiation are difficult to describe but easy to sense when you experience them.

That’s why we, Karon Clark and Tom Sneddon, combine all of our complementary experiences and areas of expertise to offer clients real choice, partnership and innovation. Our Associates are on hand to step in when specific additional expertise is required. We know you will have a different experience. Check us out and find out how we can support you.

About SneddonClark

Our Values and how we work


Confident and Curious

We are trusted partners interested in you and your business. We place you front and centre, involving you in evolving situations to create your future.

Professional and Trusted

We can be counted on to do what's right and whats just. We deliver on our promise and believe our work, delivered with integrity and high quality, will add value and impact.

Passionate and Energised

Inspired by your hopes and dreams, we will deliver only the very best for you and your organisation.

Latest Insight from SneddonClark

“Leaders are the culture carriers” (Leading our self and others out of Covid)

Recently Karon Clark, one of our Directors, was invited to facilitate a discussion with a group of CEOs from the voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector on their role in leading their organisations out of ‘lockdown’.