Who We Are

Difference and differentiation are difficult to describe...but easy to sense when you experience them.

That’s why we, Karon Clark and Tom Sneddon, formed this partnership with accomplished associates– combining all of our complementary experiences and areas of expertise to offer clients real choice, partnership and innovation. We know you will have a different experience. Check the partners out and think how we can support you.

We have no set model or pre-formatted solution. We celebrate each client’s uniqueness. Working in a pragmatic, customer focused way enables our clients to achieve their goals. They deliver the difference.

Whether coaching, consulting or capacity building we ensure that you, the client, explore new avenues, approaches and solutions under our expert guidance. You tap into our objectivity, expertise and analytical skills while simultaneously building your own levels of skill and resilience.

Our ‘confidently curious’ approach guides your discovery and unlocks your skills and potential. However, our approach can, and often is challenging.

Whether you, your organisation or business can benefit by improving coaching, mentoring and management skills; becoming sharper in project management; maybe even in achieving culture change and improved team working or vision delivery - we can support you.

We work with a wide array of tools, techniques and approaches including Cultural Transformation (CTT™), Mental Toughness and Resilience, Integrated Leadership Measures but most of all we work with you.

‘Confidently curious’ to find how we can support you or your organisation’s development? 

Partnership Details

SneddonClark LLP
Partners: Tom Sneddon, Karon Clark, Morkanto Ltd
Partnership Number: OC366062
Registered in England.
Registered address: Atkins Ferrie Accountants, Lakeside Offices, The Old Cattle Market, Coronation Park, Helston, TR13 0SR
VAT Registered Number: 12089 1626