Performance Management

Successfully Managing our People

With the current economic climate it has never been more important for managers and leaders to identify, retain and develop the talent in their businesses or organisations.

Achieving the right balance between managing performance and creating an environment where people can develop, grow and succeed has never been so critical to success.

The SneddonClark PerM™ Performance Management Programme introduces a different take on managing people. One that is centred on how to get the best from those we manage.  The way we engage with our staff is key. Learning to manage ourself before managing others is the cornerstone of our approach.

The PerM™ approach develops a coaching style of management that empowers and builds confidence in staff to deliver the products and services needed by the organisation. It brings performance management into every day activity. It becomes a way of behaving and gaining rewards.

The 2 day interactive programme co-delivered by Karon Clark and Tom Sneddon can be delivered in house and at locations to suit your needs.

The topics covered are:

  • Understanding ‘performance’ and ‘performance management’
  • Recognise and support the engaged and disengaged person at work
  • Aligning individual and team performance to organisational success
  • Understanding motivational theory and developing practical tools
  • Developing a high performance culture – what it means and what it can deliver
  • Dealing with issues of challenge, communication and commitment
  • Embedding new behaviours and performance norms
  • The challenge of tackling ‘poor or under performers’
  • Tools and techniques for monitoring performance
  • Importance of managers modelling behaviour

Download our Performance Management pdf for more information.