Our approach to psychometrics is quite clear and specific.  We look to psychometrics to support our conversations and people development. We never use psychometrics for labelling or categorising people.  We are respectful that we are all different and celebrate that difference.

We work with the consent of individual clients who participate in specific on-line assessments following which we engage in 1:1 coaching to explore their results and support their development strategies. We do not carry out any assessments without associated 1:1 coaching sessions.

We work in accordance with the British Psychological Society Best Practice guidelines and have a further advantage with Karon Clark being listed on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

SneddonClark offer 3 specialised on-line assessments in support of individual or organisational development. All have been developed by AQR Ltd.

Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72)

Anyone who is in a leadership position in any organisation can benefit from the on-line ILM72 Integrated Leadership Measure. This measure will add considerable value such as identifying development needs and benefits or providing a framework for coaching, mentoring and personal development across a range of relevant factors.

For organisations it can support the analysis of the leadership profile of selected groups or teams and how these may be influencing behaviour and performance.

Mental Toughness (or Resilience) Questionnaire (MTQ48)

Recognising that some people deal with stress better than others Dr Peter Clough developed the concept of ‘Mental Toughness’ or Resilience. This MTQ48 on-line assessment tool considers an individual’s approach to Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.

The MTQ48 assessment is invaluable in management/employee development and developmental coaching to support how individuals might deal with stress and pressure. The challenge lies in identifying what might be the causes of stress and pressure for each individual and to help them become aware of these.

That awareness leads to understanding, which, in turn, can lead to positive action – and improved performance all with coaching support.

The PREVUEAssessment

The Prevue Assessment is a remarkable online measure that assesses an individual’s abilities, interests & motivations and personality in one on-line assessment. It also enables the generation of job benchmarks (profiles) that are specifically tailored to an organisation's individual culture.

The Prevue Assessment was developed by a team led by Professor David Bartram and Dr Pat Lindley, whilst at Hull University. Both are recognised as leading authorities in occupational testing.

Please send us a contact form to follow up your interest in any of these 3 assessments.