Delivering Culture Change in the
Health Sector

Nearly every aspect of the NHS traditional health and social care system is being changed following the Health & Social Care Act 2012.  Some six years later the stresses and strains in the system are apparent for all to see.

Such systematic changes and challenges demand a change in culture and ways of working.

Those changes in culture, such as social prescribing models, will impact upon GP services, community hospitals, acute hospitals, mental health services, Public Health, other primary care providers like dentists and optometrists as well as fundamental impacts on social care.

The findings from numerous Health Reports consistently highlight the need for immediate and sustained culture change in people, systems and places.

SneddonClark are already building up considerable experience in working within the wider healthcare sector in achieving culture change.

SneddonClark employ an internationally recognised ’values- based’ analytical tool where the healthcare sector is the 7th most popular sector of the process globally.

The CTT™ Cultural Transformation Tool supports individuals, teams and organisations by measuring the impact of culture on performance.

The powerful metrics enable leaders to actively measure, manage and then begin to change culture.   It makes the intangible tangible.

SneddonClark have experience of applying the CTT™ tool in working with leaders, leadership teams, departments of organisations and entire organisation populations.

Additionally the two SneddonClark partners bring additional expertise and experience by the clinical background of one partner and 8 years experience as a Non-Executive Director of a Care Trust and 3 years experience as Chair of Community Hospital group of the other partner.

Call us now or send an email response for a personal exploration to see how SneddonClark and CTT can support culture change in your healthcare organisation.