Collaborative Outcomes in Practice - Leading and collaborating across your business and beyond

Increasingly there is a need for people to work across traditional boundaries both within organisations and between different organisations.  Such working environments can throw up some real challenges – different value bases, different jargon and technical speak, different ways of working, different measures of success.

SneddonClark partners were challenged to develop a programme which would support both multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working for those practitioners working with children, young people and families.  The agencies involved included Childrens’ Services, Schools, Social work, Police, Youth services, Health and community sectors – over 20 organisations with participants having 56 different job titles took part in the 18 month programme.

Programme participants developed a greater understanding of collaborative working and best practice; took part in a journey from attendee to participant to advocate and developed new networking and an appreciation of others’ roles.

90% of the attendees strongly agreed that their new learning would improve their work performance and most importantly better outcomes for those they support.

This programme can be adapted to many organisational contexts – mergers and acquisitions; health and social care; public sector and community sector; childrens’ services; adult care and community services.

It is also possible to link this 2 day course to an ILM Leadership qualification.

As each COP programme is tailored to specific contexts please contact us for further information and to find out how we can help your organisation.