Coaching Executives and Leaders

Those who have experienced Board level roles understand the pressures and demands placed on individuals in these positions.  They will recognise the perception of enforced loneliness and isolation felt by executives who may feel inhibited in sharing their ideas, concerns or worries with work colleagues. They will reflect on the executive’s continuing personal development needs even when ‘leading from the helm’.

A number of other facts and figures underpin the added value of Executive and Leadership Coaching:-

  • As coaching takes hold it changes corporate culture and supports ethical and moral leadership practices
  • Executive coaching develops aspiring leaders and supports succession planning
  • Leadership development is the most popular reason for executive coaching
  • Executive coaching provides a safe and challenging relationship for the executive

SneddonClark partners have enjoyed the privilege of coaching Managing Directors, Divisional Leaders, Chief Executives and others in the public, private and community sectors.

Check out our profiles to see how we might match up to your needs. 

Our Executive Coaching process is quite simple:

  • Make contact with us for a confidential telephone discussion with one of the partners
  • We will then arrange a private 1:1 meeting with you to explore your needs more fully
  • We then make a proposal and offer a coaching contract underpinning how we will work together identifying the goals you may have in mind
  • We then engage in face to face 1:1 confidential coaching conversations at a frequency and duration to meet your needs
  • During these sessions we will work with an eclectic range of approaches and tools all individually selected to supporting your development and goal achievement.

Some of the specialist diagnostics we might offer are Leadership Values and Development Asessments an assessment of your Mental Toughness or Resilience (MTQ48); along with other diagnostics suited to you and your specific needs.

But let's be clear, we are not driven by analytics.  We don’t pigeon hole or categorise.

We work with you and any agreed assessments which help us expand the richness of the coaching experience for you and with you.