ILM Level 7 Certificate in
Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Why Executive Coaching?

The Sherpa Global Coaching 2013 survey concluded that ‘Executive coaching clearly occupies a place as a permanent fixture in the modern organisation. The perceived value and the credibility of Coaching are at all time highs’.

A number of other facts and figures underpin the statement:

  • As coaching takes hold it changes corporate culture
  • Executive coaching develops aspiring leaders and supports succession planning
  • Leadership development is the most popular reason for executive coaching
  • Executive coaching provides a safe and challenging relationship for the executive

Why this qualification? 

The ILM is the premium awarding body for coaching qualification in the world, having grown this reputation on the back of excellent qualification with relevant and practical content and choice of a limited number of prestige accredited centres.

The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring is a post-graduate level qualification delivered at SneddonClark by two practicing executive coaches, experienced supervisors working at Masters level in coaching supported by post-graduate leadership & management qualifications. 

Can you qualify for this course?


  • If you are already practicing executive coaching and wish to gain a formal qualification or
  • If you are a senior leader or manager with the knowledge, skills and confidence and have been performing as a leadership coach or
  • If you are a CEO or HR director with appropriate coaching experience who wishes to lead the development of a coaching culture in your organisation. 

How will I benefit?

You will be part of a small select group of participants with relevant experience and aspirations similar to your own goals in achieving this exacting qualification. You will develop and hone your skills through action learning sets, case studies and 1:1 supervision.  You will be stretched, challenged and will grow as an executive coach gaining a deep insight into the under-pinning theory and best practice not only of coaching and mentoring but also leadership. You will gain in self-reflection and continue your own journey of self-discovery.

‘This course had a profound effect on me –triggering curiosity and aspirations’
a former candidate.

How is the course delivered?

Our 7 day programme is delivered in 3 blocks of 2 days over a 4 month period with a further workshop focusing on peer supervision.

Believing in the fundamental core necessity of supervision in coaching practice SneddonClark include both 1:1 supervision sessions for each candidate and group supervision sessions to ensure best practice is being implemented and to support the candidates on their journey.

By special request the qualification can also be delivered as an ‘in-house’ course to suitably qualified candidates in an organisation.

What do I need to do to gain the qualification? 

The ILM Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring requires successful candidates to have demonstrated a minimum of 20 hours of supervised executive coaching or mentoring; to complete an assignment demonstrating their understanding of the context of coaching and mentoring in a strategic business environment and an assignment reflecting on their own ability to perform effectively as a coach or mentor at senior levels.

In more detail these assignments will evidence

  • You know how to review and build the context , strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior and strategic level
  • Your ability to understand and analyse different coaching and mentoring models and their impact
  • Your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring in an organisation
  • You can critically review your own communication skills, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and values to assess your competence as a coach or mentor
  • That you can plan, deliver and review coaching and mentoring contact with clients at a senior and strategic level

How do I join a course or commission an ‘in-house’ course?

SneddonClark deliver open courses annually in Devon and in other locations throughout the UK and overseas by request.

Download our leaflet for further information and send us an email or contact form for price and availability. Or better still call us now on 0844 8002722

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